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Mental Health Assessment

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to diagnose emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. Once the review is complete, a written and verbal assessment will be provided with treatment recommendations (if indicated).

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The Bundled Rate plus Outlier Per Diems includes:

1. One in-person or virtual patient and family interview with Psychiatry; 2. Laboratory services, limted to therapeutic drug level draws, if indicated; 4. A written and verbal assessment summary with treatment recommendations, if indicated; 5. The review of past mental health treatment records, if available; and 6. Care Concierge support services to connect the patient with an in-network specialist, if needed The Bundled Rate period begins with the initiation of bundled services and ends when the included services have been completed.


The cost of housing is not included in the Bundled Rate. Inpatient hospitalizations, additional diagnostic services, consultations, or evaluation serices are excluded from the Bundled Rate, and are payable at the Default Rate when services are rendered outside of the Bundled Rate Payment Period in relation to the Mental Assessment service.


Candidacy for the bundled procedure will be determined by the Provider.