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Recently, Accarent Health's founder Tim Koch, joined the podcast Healthcare Simplified to talk about the use of bundled rates to improve care, save money and eliminate waste. Click the button below to listen or search for Healthcare Simplified wherever you get your podcasts.

Accarent Health now offers bundled rates for anorexia nervosa treatment, and is in the process of developing additional mental health bundled rate procedures.

Ranked #11 nationwide by U.S. News and World Report in Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Keck Medicine of USC is offering bundled rates on the Accarent platform, including cardiac catheterization, coronary bypass, valve replacement, coronary angioplasty, TAVR, and pacemaker and defibrillator surgeries. #bundledpayments #healthcare #transparency

Learn how we simplify comparison shopping and decision making within a complicated healthcare market at Accarent Health

The Johns Hopkins Hospital adds a gender affirmation bundle to the Accarent Network!

In recent years, there has been a great deal of attention and conversation around the healthcare marketplace and its opaque and confusing pricing structure. Nowhere else will a consumer be forced to make a decision on a big-ticket purchase without knowing the cost or receiving an estimated quote for services. The Accarent Health free market system will be the model of the future.

Navigating the Accarent Health Website

Our mission at Accarent Health is to redefine healthcare distribution and information access, by creating a global digital-network, providing consumers with price transparency, concierge assistance, and cost-effective quality care options. Call or visit our site to join the revolution against ambiguity and spiraling-costs in healthcare.

At Accarent Health, our mission is to further redefine the distribution of healthcare for the commercial market, with pre-negotiated bundled-pricing.

Houston Methodist Hospital has joined the Accarent Network and is offering executive health bundled rates to our platform.

Explore the New Accarent Health! Easier Comparison of Procedures, Providers, and Prices, and Now Optimized for Mobile Use!

One of the largest pediatric medical centers in the country has recently joined our bundled rate network! Children's of Alabama is offering solid organ and bone marrow transplant bundled rates on our transparent platform.

Accarent Health adds another quality provider partner to our growing bundled rate network.

Accarent Health adds another quality provider partner to our growing bundled rate network.

Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry