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  • "I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks out to all of you. It's been roughly 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery... and this entire process went very smoothly. The entire process was streamlined, easy, and everyone was wonderful to work with."

  • "So the second opinion trip to [Accarent Center] was a success. My Doc and head of my oversight team is [Accarent Center Physician]. Can you say sharp- wow- boy is she. We spent about an hour together and we had pretty much all our questions answered. She said I’m doing great, that my local cancer center is doing a good job with my treatment plan and that there are one or two things she would “tweak” in regards to the radiation side of things but overall I think I got a solid A in regards to progress. Her and her team will continue to watch and receive progress reports from my doctors and I’ll probably head back up in mid Jan for a follow up. I’m very encouraged by this and I wanted to especially thank you for having the foresight to put this into play. Thanks"

  • "Thanks for all of your help with this... we probably saved a young man from going into a very scary and not guaranteed surgery. I know his parents were very impressed with the surgeon at [Accarent Center]. "

  • "Hi All, I wanted to share feedback from our member. The patient was [from out of state] and came to [Accarent Center] for cataract surgery. She had been a re-direct. The patient initially was very emotional since her procedure was scrapped and she had put out a few $$ for a test. I worked to reassure her that she would be in good hands under [Accarent Center]. After seeing the provider, she was in better spirits overall. [Accarent Center] assisted with some transportation for surgery and the day after surgery (can't drive on one eye afterall). I checked in with the patient post operatively and she spoke highly of everyone (especially Accarent!) I called her again today, and she is doing very well. She is super happy with her experience. She tells me that her HR person asked if she would speak with the higher ups on her experience. She will be doing that today 🙂 So glad we were able to make a not good experience a great one!! "

  • "The [patient from out of state] did great. Out of the hospital in 2 days. Tough case in many respects, so good for her. Thanks to you and your team because without this product having treatment at [Accarent Center] could not have happened and it is a problem that could easily be mismanaged. In addition, she is just a normal, go to work every day, person trying to make life work. Not a connected entitled person. Always great to get that person the best care in the world. So, Thank you. "