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Multiple Myeloma with Biotech Carvykti

Carvykti, developed by Janssen Biotech, is a type of immunotherapy for adult patients with Multiple Myeloma. Through Carvykti therapy, a patient's T-cells are genetically reprogrammed to fight cancer cells.

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The Bundled Rate plus Outlier Per Diems includes:

1. Those comprehensive facility services, supplies, and equipment necessary to perform the Bundled Procedure and rendered by PROVIDER 2. Those professional services necessary to perform the Bundled Procedure and rendered by a Physician 3. The treatment of any complication or concurrent related illness associated with or resulting from the performance of the Bundled Procedure The Bundled Rate period begins on the day of the prep regime for the scheduled Accarent Procedure and covers up to 25 inpatient days in the hospital. Should the length of stay exceed 25 inpatient days, then per diem outlier payments will be applicable for each subsequent inpatient day. Covered outpatient follow-up services related to the bundled procedure beginning on the day of infusion through 60 calendar days are included in the bundled price.


Any chemotherapy provided / administered between after collection of stem cells and before the preparative regimen.


Candidacy for the bundled procedure will be determined by the Provider.