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Anorexia Nervosa, Adult

A comprehensive inpatient / partial hospitalization program for the treatment of anorexia nervosa for adult patients.

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Procedure Specifics

The Bundled Rate plus Outlier Per Diems includes:

1. Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient (partial hospitalization) facility services, supplies, and equipment necessary to perform the Bundled Procedure and rendered by Hospital. 2. Professional services necessary to perform the Bundled Procedure and rendered by a Physician The Bundled Rate for Eating Disorder Services begins on the day of admission to the Eating Disorders program, and continues until discharge from the Eating Disorders program. The Bundle Rate covers patients with length of stay less than or equal to 60 days (including both inpatient and partial hospitalization). The Outlier Per Diem amount will be charged for each day thereafter.


Cost of housing in partial hospital is not included in the bundled rate. Inpatient hospitalizations for members receiving bundled procedures for mental health assessment and mental health treatment, additional diagnostic, consultation or evaluation services related to the bundled procedures are excluded from the bundled rate, and are payable at the default rate when services are rendered outside of the bundled rate payment period.


Candidacy for the bundled procedure will be determined by the Provider.