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Cardiac Catheterization For Circulatory Disorders 2 Days

A procedure to determine how well your heart is functioning and to diagnose any possible cardiac disease. The procedure involves the insertion of a catheter into an artery most often in the groin or arms and threading it to a coronary blood vessel. Dye is inserted through the catheter and then radiological pictures are taken to determine if there is any cardiac disease.

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Procedure Specifics

The Bundled Rate plus Outlier Per Diems includes:

1. Those comprehensive facility services, supplies, and equipment necessary to perform the Bundled Procedure and rendered by PROVIDER 2. Those professional services necessary to perform the Bundled Procedure and rendered by a Physician 3. The treatment of any complication or concurrent related illness associated with or resulting from the performance of the Bundled Procedure The Bundled Rate Period covers the 1 day(s) prior to the procedure for the scheduled Accarent Procedure and up to 2 inpatient days in the hospital. Should the length of stay exceed 2 inpatient days, then per diem outlier payments will be applicable for each subsequent inpatient day. Covered outpatient follow-up services related to the bundled procedure beginning on the day of discharge through 30 calendar days are included in the bundled price.


Implantable devices & supplies (eg. prosthetic/orthotic devices, pacemakers (both temporary and permanent), defibrillators, and aicds.)


Candidacy for the bundled procedure will be determined by the Provider.